Risk Assessment for Recycling PE Material for Food Contact Application

Laboratory services for the identification and quantification of substances of concern (SOC) for food contact materials (FCM)

Cadel Deinking aims to use recycled PE material for its use in the food industry (FCA). For this, analytical methods have been developed for the determination of volatile substances of concern (SOC), non-intentionally added substances (NIAS), as well as substances that cause odors in the plastic sample both before and after being recycled/decontaminated.

Advanced laboratory techniques, such as GC-MS allow SOC to be identified and quantified to check the quality of recycled PE. These analytical methods are used to determine the final application of recycled plastic, ensuring correct upcycling.

Cadel Deinking offers its laboratory services for those customers who want greater control of their recycled material. Besides, the client has easy and complete access to their laboratory data to carry out a risk assessment and toxicological analysis of the recycled PE through our software.

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