Promoting Circular Economy in the plastic sector through innovative technological solutions for enhanced recycled plastic quality.


Created in 2014, is a pioneer in plastic circular economy solutions. CADEL has been working on the development and commercialization of an innovative deinking technology that removes printed ink from plastic surfaces and allows obtaining recycled material with properties similar to those of virgin plastic.

In 2021, CADEL sold the patent for this revolutionary process to the multinational EREMA, which, together with its subsidiary KeyCycle, holds the marketing rights.

During these years, CADEL has been acquiring experience and know-how that has allowed it to develop new projects aligned with the circular economy in the plastics sector.

CADEL has incorporated a new line of work focused on automating the quality control of plastic, through the development of a new and powerful tool based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to determine the quality and safety of recycled plastics.

Deinking Chemicals Supply

CADEL provides the chemicals that ensure the deinking of plastics. It has developed the chemical formula that ensures efficient deinking. It has a global supply network that allows it to reach all deinking plants, regardless of their location.


A digital tool, utilizing Artificial Intelligence, assesses recycled material quality via data processing and image recognition. For applications like food packaging, rigorous quality control is essential. CADEL offers QUANTUM, an AI-driven solution enabling enhanced data processing and detection of substandard material batches.

R&D Services

CADEL, a renowned tech firm with a rich history in plastics and global industrial plant sales, is dedicated to innovative solutions for recycling challenges. Its robust research drives R&D projects, funded publicly and privately, positioning it uniquely for future endeavors.