CADEL RECYCLING LAB has developed the chemical formula that allows the deinking process to work efficiently.

The process

CADEL RECYCLING LAB chemical formula ensures the deinking of different plastic supports printed on the surface with different types and concentrations of inks. It is a robust formula with which CADEL guarantees high process efficiencies.

In addition, CADEL is continuously doing R&D, looking for the best solutions to offer its customers.

We are experts in deinking chemistry. With years of experience, we have mastered the complexities of this industry to deliver exceptional results. Trust our team’s precision and finesse for all your deinking needs.

Working closely with our clients, we minimize waste and maximize efficiency. Trust CADEL to be your partner in achieving the ideal chemical dosage, benefiting both your business and the environment.

CADEL has the know-how and knows perfectly the behavior of each of the chemicals involved in the deinking process. Therefore, CADEL is not just a supplier of chemicals, but also provides its customers with an advisory service. CADEL works together with its clients to achieve the optimal dosage of chemical reagents, thus avoiding over-consumption.

Cadel has a worldwide export network

Currently, it supplies the chemicals to the deinking plants located in: Brazil, the United States, Italy, France, the United Kingdom and Turkey

Water-based chemical compounds

Said formula is defined by four water-based chemical compounds that allow
plastic materials to be obtained completely free of ink.

The chemicals are free of solvents.
And they provide deinking efficiencies of up to 100%.

It is a UNIQUE CHEMICAL FORMULA, approved to comply with the guarantee that KECYCLE/EREMA offers with the deinking facilities.

CADEL is KC’s chemical partner for its deinking plants.